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Hey you all. Just thought I'd introduce myself. I am drinking lots of coffee to make myself write. It seems to be working pretty well. RIght now I have a venti Starbucks iced mocha. I prefer places like Peet's, and smaller establishments, but I live in a small southern town and they don't have places like that here. We do have some "independent" coffee shops, but they are staffed by sorority girls who don't know a mocha from a milkshake. When I make coffee at home, I've been drinking Seattle's Best, strongly brewed, with International Delight Low Carb Vanilla Creamer. That stuff is GOOD!! My favorite Seattle's Best is Breakfast Blend, but I'll also drink French Roast and Seattle's Best Blend. My Dad usually orders Peet's from their online store and gives it to me for Christmas, because we can't buy it here...he is from California. I'll just close by describing my peak coffee experience so far this year. It was when I was on summer vacation in San Francisco and visited my favorite coffee shop in North Beach, Caffe Trieste. I had a double expresso and it was delicious...and it inspired me to walk all the way up Telegraph Hill and back down to Market Street! I visited about five different Peet's shops when I was in California...I was in heaven!!! Anyway, I better get back to writing. Nice to meet you all!
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