Dean Dier (lost_cowboy) wrote in peetscoffeeandt,
Dean Dier

Have you tried it yet?!?!

I freakin love the Africa Blend this year....for a few reasons:

1. It's got AMAZING flavors going on...blueberry jam...soil/earth...lively acidity....

2. Because the flavors are so distinct, everyone at work has become jazzed about trying it against other coffees to pick out OTHER flavors in OTHER coffees...not just employees....customers are doing it too!

3. It's made from some unique lots of coffee that I'm proud to serve...esp. the "supernatural" (as doug welsh put it) Ethioian coffee that get de-hulled BY HAND (or foot, rather), the old-fashioned way! These african coffees are pretty much processed in an old school style that doesn't require pesticies or anything. It makes me happy drinking a cup of it, because I can taste how much care went into each bean...

that's my nerdy, coffee-lovin 2 cents worth...


try some and enjoy!!!

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