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What was with the security gates in the Shattuck store this morning?
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security gates?!?!?!!

at my old store?!?!

they were sutck
i mean stuck

anywho is this maya the girl with the cute hair and who orders drip coffee?? if so, hello!

if not...hello!
haha. this is maya, yes. and hello again.
though surely it will not be long before the morning again,
and more coffee, and more hellos, and waking up.
huh yeah. sorry if i was all weird about it this morning. after you left i played back my actions in my head.

"hey can i ask you a semi-secret?"

(oh shit none another creepy barista, walk away slowly, if he persists you can always dump your coffee on him)

but anywho, i've always sorta figured that you're pretty cool, so i got excited that you posted on this community that i created.

see ya soon!
oh no...there was no creepiness! and the only one i ever dump coffee on is me, sadly.
i'm always thrilled with the friendliness that all of you at peet's have to offer.
(if it's creeps you're looking for you must head over to starbucks.)
i didn't know you created this community. well done you.