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Most Essential Bay Area Product

Peet's beat out other hard hitting and loyally followed local companies to be the Most Essential Bay Area Product for 2005, according to East Bay Express's Reader's Pick Poll. It shows how much of a cult following our little (not so) cafe has, and how addicted our populace is to that dark devilish brew.
Apparently people could live without the essential google search or those heavenly tailored Gap jeans as long as they have their Peet's.

Most Essential Bay Area Product

It's the one thing we still have over the Big Apple. Peet's has reached far and wide in recent years, but it still hasn't opened a retail outlet on the island of Manhattan. No matter what sort of corporate permutations the company encounters, we the people of the East Bay will always be able to lay claim to this rich, glistening, heart-pumping brew. Dutchman Alfred Peet opened the first Peet's on the corner of Walnut and Vine streets in Berkeley in 1966. At the time, he was known as much for his teas and spices as for his coffee, but over the years the freshly roasted blends from Africa, Arabia, South America, and the Pacific Rim stole the show. Most Bay Area residents can name at least one of Peet's blends, such as Major Dickason's, Blend 101, and Top Blend. Today, Peet's has added fair-trade and organic blends to its repertoire, but it hasn't compromised on flavor. Alfred Peet may have taught the rest of America about good coffee, but we'll never stop enjoying it ourselves.

Readers' Pick:
Peet's Coffee & Tea | originally published: April 6, 2005
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