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Well........I did it.

In my first interview with Jonna at the Shattuck/Alameda hiring fair last June, I stated that I would like to be an Assistant Manager by my 1st anneversary, and a full-on Manager within my first 5 years with Peet's.

I figured my goals were lofty, but here I am, with Peet's for 9 months, and I've been promoted. I don't know exactly when I'm leaving (too soon, I think...), I don't know how much I'll be making yet (more, I hope!), and I don't know what store I'll end up at (East Bay??)....but, I did it.

Through my experiences thus far, I have a foggy idea of what I'd like in a Manager.

My question to you, the members of Peet's Coffee and Tea Community, is....How can I be a good manager?

Make sure I do weekly feedback sessions with people? Buy pizza every week? Give everyone bubbles (everyone except Jon...LOL)? Have a punching bag in the backroom? Be on the floor more...or less?

I really would love it if people gave me some honest comments....I want to be the best damn manager out there, and I'd love some help getting me there!


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