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Bend over and take it...with bubbles!

The Swirl, Chocolate Syrup, Demise of the 8 oz. cup, eggnog, Chai switch, Chai Freddo, Vanilla Freddo, Americano demise from the board, GUEST, employee stroking as a corporate mandate*, artisan baked goods promo, price increase on kids cocoa, peets on ice, peppermint, break slashing, coffee with steam milk demise from the board, promos, promos, promos.
I do have an undeniable amount of adoration and appreciation for Peets. Shit, it pays my bills, it has given me a place to center in my life, friends, an outlet for hard work and creativity. Yet...I just can't stand to see where the company has gone since I started working there a mere 2 years ago. I'm really not trying to make this into another irritating senior staff rant bitching about "the corporate juggernaut" which is destroying the idyllic neighborhood coffee house. Fuck that. For one, with the company approaching 100 stores in 6 states not to mention a burgeoning wholesale and online business, its just too late for that. Having gone public has made Peet's rich, it has also made me comfortable, but every now and again, when I find myself spewing some smarmy description about our newest slushy sucrose laden milkshake I wish that I was at a "real" coffee shop. The big deal for me is the way that Peet's treats its employees. The first red flag for me was when they came out with the *employee recognition program*. The nature of retail is that its employees need to be made happy if they are to stay working efficiently and amiably. Peet's is no exception here, they just have a longer history of doing this genuinely. I feel as though their employee appreciation has become eroded by the natural desire of any evolving and growing corporation, to streamline employment, deskill the work-force and cut costs. The fact that each store manager is advised to award employees regularly with giftcertificates, bubbles, candy, games, at any experience of good customer service OR FOR NO REASON is a little too shady for me. If I want to be nice to the public and be happy at work that is on me. I don't need a cache of Bazooka Joe and bubbles to keep me smiling. Why such a big deal? The idea behind employee stroking is to create an alliance with every employee so that he/she develops a feeling of obligation and devotion to management. Once this is achieved corporate can begin their cost-saving, employee fucking measures which, through the subterfuge of amiable and familial management are swallowed. The employee bends over and takes it. I don't mind pushing corporate bullshit products but please Peet's, don't bend me over.
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