lacquer (elaterite) wrote in peetscoffeeandt,

I wasn't even trying to get anything out of him

Elliot Jordan, Peet's tea buyer and blender, has to be one of the nicest people I've met in a long time. He was at our holiday meeting last night. Based on the outstanding quality of this year's Holiday Breakfast Blend alone I was excited to meet him. I felt like he had some grand notariety or something.
That's when you know you're a total nerd - you're starstruck and fanatical about the tea guy.
Anyhow, he seemed genuinely greatful and sweet about my feedback. I feel really good about being affiliated with a company that employs nice people.
Unfortunately he seems to be somewhat of an exception in the highest rank, but I have met a lot of really great people through Peet's.
And fuzzypandahead was right about the Holiday video. Pat O'dea said "celebratory" in the most agonizingly disinterested way and seemed so pissed about being on the video or something.
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