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pumpkin spice latte

1. Peet's pumpkin-spice latte (no whip) is delicious. Extra shot even better.
2. They could have a basket to recycle the cup holders.
3. What do they do with the old dishes when they change patterns? Is there a Big Lots for unsold cups, dishes, etc from Peets?
4. Is the wifi free?
5. Always really nice people there. Thank you.
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1. Wait til you try the gingerbread latte with cinnamon on top....mmmmm!

2. I normally keep one in my bag and reuse it until it could bring it back the next day and put it back on the condiment counter, too I suppose?

3. The old merchandise goes on clearance eventually....try the big older stores like Lakeshore, Vine street, Solano, and Piedmont -- they generally have cheap goods year round.

4. Yes! Ask someone at the register to print you a wi-fi access code -- it's free and good for 2 hours of surfing.

5. Awesome! Thank you! Which store do you go to? :)

~Dean, store manager of the *NEW* Temescal store, opening 10/20/08!
1-4. Thanks for the good suggestions.

5. SoCal: Irvine-across from UCI, Huntington Beach, Costa Mesa, Seal Beach, Newport Beach, Long Beach, always great service.

Congratulations on your store opening!