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12th November 2008

_losingtouch_9:54am: Iced Tea
Hi, everyone! I just joined the community and I was hoping some of the members here would answer a few questions for me about iced tea. I am doing a project for school and I am trying to gather some information about iced tea drinkers. If this an inappropriate post, please let me know and I will delete it.

1. Do you drink Iced Tea?
2. If you do drink iced tea, what do you like about it?
3. Do you tend to purchase pre-made iced tea that comes in a bottle, make your own iced tea or purchase iced tea from a coffee shop like Peets?
4. If you buy iced tea in a bottle and you don't buy Snapple iced tea, what brands do you buy?
5. Are you male or female?
6. How old are you? (you can give me an age range if you don't want to give me specifics)
7. What is your lifestyle (i.e. work full time, working mom, stay at home mom, stay at home wife, student, etc.)?


13th October 2008

somebodyelse111:06am: pumpkin spice latte
1. Peet's pumpkin-spice latte (no whip) is delicious. Extra shot even better.
2. They could have a basket to recycle the cup holders.
3. What do they do with the old dishes when they change patterns? Is there a Big Lots for unsold cups, dishes, etc from Peets?
4. Is the wifi free?
5. Always really nice people there. Thank you.

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29th March 2008

somebodyelse111:22am: Yea! Free Peet's today
Again, from OC Register
March 27th, 2008 by Nancy Luna
"To celebrate the grand-opening of three new Peet’s Coffee locations in Orange County, the cafe chain is offering" coffee and tea "valid only at the new locations in Anaheim Hills, Irvine and San Clemente...
* Brewed coffee and tea are free every Saturday from March 29 to April 25 at the three new stores: San Clemente, Irvine (at the old Diedrich Coffee location, near UCI) and Anaheim Hills. For directions, go to peets.com.
* On Saturday, March 29 only: customers get a free 1/2 lb. bag of Colombia coffee beans with the purchase of an espresso drink
* Each Friday in April, customers receive a complimentary 1/4 lb. of coffee beans with any purchase."



9th March 2008

somebodyelse110:53am: 2-for-1 treat
Happy Birthday, Alfred Peet!

This is taken from
Fast Food Maven blog from Orange County Register

Peet’s cafes offering 2-for-1 deal Monday
March 7th, 2008 · Post a Comment · posted by Nancy Luna

In honor of Alfred Peet’s birthday, Peet’s Coffee & Tea is offering a two-for-one deal on a half-pound of coffee on Monday. (March 10)...

The Founder’s Day offer is valid at any Peet’s retail stores. With the purchase of one half-pound coffee, you can get another one free, the company said. The chain, founded by Alfred Peet in 1966, is also sponsoring a contest where winners can get a year’s supply of beans for free. For more information, and a list of Peet’s locations, click here.

Peet’s is slowly building it presence in Orange County. On Monday, it set to open its 12th cafe in Orange County at the Anaheim Hills Festival shopping center. Earlier this week, it opened another one at the former Diedrich Coffee across the street from UC Irvine. .......


31st August 2007

lost_cowboy4:13pm: I got a call from my assistant manager and one of my shift leads yesterday...both of them wanted to share some news with me:

R.I.P. Alfred Peet, founder of Peet's coffee and father to all gourmet coffee in the United States. :(

Thank you, Alfred, for waking our nation up to great coffees and teas (pun intended) and helping forge the fresh movement in California. Your legacy is an inspiration to people with a passion for flavor and quality!

Dean Dier
Store Manager
Peets #102, Alameda


23rd July 2007

somebodyelse11:28am: gran panama
Is it really from Panama? It's so good! We usually don't buy ground coffee, but this time it is delicious. Henry's had it for $2 less than we paid at Staters. Actually time to restock, since the first bag is almost gone.

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12th July 2006

peetnik9:07am: Peet's icon
I saw an icon that had a picture of Peet's coffee, I think it was coffee beans, and it said "I wish I knew how to quit you..." I really want that icon, haha, but now I can't find it because I don't remember where it was. It might have been this community. Does anyone have it?

Or any Peet's icons, really.


Today I'm going to visit a friend who lives about 25 miles away, I told her I was going to take her to Starbucks but I think I'm going to take her to Peet's. I'm trying to "convert" my friends. :P

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21st September 2005

lynchladylaura11:52am: Hey you all. Just thought I'd introduce myself. I am drinking lots of coffee to make myself write. It seems to be working pretty well. RIght now I have a venti Starbucks iced mocha. I prefer places like Peet's, and smaller establishments, but I live in a small southern town and they don't have places like that here. We do have some "independent" coffee shops, but they are staffed by sorority girls who don't know a mocha from a milkshake. When I make coffee at home, I've been drinking Seattle's Best, strongly brewed, with International Delight Low Carb Vanilla Creamer. That stuff is GOOD!! My favorite Seattle's Best is Breakfast Blend, but I'll also drink French Roast and Seattle's Best Blend. My Dad usually orders Peet's from their online store and gives it to me for Christmas, because we can't buy it here...he is from California. I'll just close by describing my peak coffee experience so far this year. It was when I was on summer vacation in San Francisco and visited my favorite coffee shop in North Beach, Caffe Trieste. I had a double expresso and it was delicious...and it inspired me to walk all the way up Telegraph Hill and back down to Market Street! I visited about five different Peet's shops when I was in California...I was in heaven!!! Anyway, I better get back to writing. Nice to meet you all!

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18th September 2005

sugared_chick2:57pm: We want you! YES YOU!

Drink your half caf latee. . .create outsider art.

Join our community as Well!
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4th August 2005

lost_cowboy9:26am: Have you tried it yet?!?!
I freakin love the Africa Blend this year....for a few reasons:

1. It's got AMAZING flavors going on...blueberry jam...soil/earth...lively acidity....

2. Because the flavors are so distinct, everyone at work has become jazzed about trying it against other coffees to pick out OTHER flavors in OTHER coffees...not just employees....customers are doing it too!

3. It's made from some unique lots of coffee that I'm proud to serve...esp. the "supernatural" (as doug welsh put it) Ethioian coffee that get de-hulled BY HAND (or foot, rather), the old-fashioned way! These african coffees are pretty much processed in an old school style that doesn't require pesticies or anything. It makes me happy drinking a cup of it, because I can taste how much care went into each bean...

that's my nerdy, coffee-lovin 2 cents worth...


try some and enjoy!!!


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25th May 2005

ayamcs4:55pm: Count them.
While traipsing all over the Bay Area today,
I found myself in
not one,
not two,
not three,
but four different Peet's.

Needless to say, I had to pee an inordinate amount over the course of the day.

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23rd May 2005

lost_cowboy9:33am: I'm finally starting to get the big picture, and feel like an assistant manager. Weee!

I miss everyone at Shattuck terribly, and I secretly hope that Bill puts me back there as the assistant, since Holly left (wah! :( I can't picture the store without Holly!). I don't think he will, though. I think he wants me to learn more, which is hard to do when you're in a place that is familiar and comfortable.

I'm off to go shower and prepare for another day at Peet's...I can honestly say that I love my job...my days helping Domingo out are numbered, though, and I don't know what the "next assignment" will be for me.

Ta for now, Peet's community!
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11th May 2005

virurbis9:14pm: biblioque
What is your favorite book when...

you feel like an evil, slinking miscreant?
-Crime and Punishment

you feel depressed
-do atlases count? if not I'd say The Picture of Dorian Gray for its verbosity and frills or a historical nonfiction (history makes me feel "a part of" and my problems seem fairly insignificant.

you feel at a loss of words
-Madame Bovary

when you want to read your favorite book of all time
-my bible, i.e. The Brother's Karamazov

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28th April 2005

cassandrahats9:25pm: Hello all!

Just joined this community. I obviously love peets coffee (not such a big tea drinker). I've grown up with the Solano store, but I am quite partial to the Walnut Square.

So anyway, funny story:
Last year, a girl in one of my classes did a paper on coffee shops of the East Bay, and when she was presenting it in class, she started talking about, "these really weird people named peetniks, and they only drink peets coffee, and they are totally obsessed with it, and they even buy it and bring it on vacation with them!" And I just sat there thinking, "Until about 5 seconds ago, I thought everyone brought coffee with them on vacation.

I thought it was really funny.


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27th April 2005

virurbis1:14am: thanx you
Ah Peet's, the stalwart purveyor of gourmet coffee and tea. My current employer of 32 months and acting anchor in my still oh so shallow pond. Sometimes I do things like say thanx you in place of thank you for fun. This becomes close to unbearable considering our validated customer service vocabulary consists of three or four words, two of which are, "thank" and "you". I actually have very little qualms with this embryonic corporate cafe-juggernaut, it has served me well. With a thanx you after every visit.

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25th April 2005

ayamcs5:31pm: Hm?
What was with the security gates in the Shattuck store this morning?

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15th April 2005

virurbis5:00pm: Most Essential Bay Area Product
Peet's beat out other hard hitting and loyally followed local companies to be the Most Essential Bay Area Product for 2005, according to East Bay Express's Reader's Pick Poll. It shows how much of a cult following our little (not so) cafe has, and how addicted our populace is to that dark devilish brew.
Apparently people could live without the essential google search or those heavenly tailored Gap jeans as long as they have their Peet's.

Most Essential Bay Area Product

It's the one thing we still have over the Big Apple. Peet's has reached far and wide in recent years, but it still hasn't opened a retail outlet on the island of Manhattan. No matter what sort of corporate permutations the company encounters, we the people of the East Bay will always be able to lay claim to this rich, glistening, heart-pumping brew. Dutchman Alfred Peet opened the first Peet's on the corner of Walnut and Vine streets in Berkeley in 1966. At the time, he was known as much for his teas and spices as for his coffee, but over the years the freshly roasted blends from Africa, Arabia, South America, and the Pacific Rim stole the show. Most Bay Area residents can name at least one of Peet's blends, such as Major Dickason's, Blend 101, and Top Blend. Today, Peet's has added fair-trade and organic blends to its repertoire, but it hasn't compromised on flavor. Alfred Peet may have taught the rest of America about good coffee, but we'll never stop enjoying it ourselves.

Readers' Pick:
Peet's Coffee & Tea

eastbayexpress.com | originally published: April 6, 2005


20th March 2005

lost_cowboy11:22am: Well........I did it.
In my first interview with Jonna at the Shattuck/Alameda hiring fair last June, I stated that I would like to be an Assistant Manager by my 1st anneversary, and a full-on Manager within my first 5 years with Peet's.

I figured my goals were lofty, but here I am, with Peet's for 9 months, and I've been promoted. I don't know exactly when I'm leaving (too soon, I think...), I don't know how much I'll be making yet (more, I hope!), and I don't know what store I'll end up at (East Bay??)....but, I did it.

Through my experiences thus far, I have a foggy idea of what I'd like in a Manager.

My question to you, the members of Peet's Coffee and Tea Community, is....How can I be a good manager?

Make sure I do weekly feedback sessions with people? Buy pizza every week? Give everyone bubbles (everyone except Jon...LOL)? Have a punching bag in the backroom? Be on the floor more...or less?

I really would love it if people gave me some honest comments....I want to be the best damn manager out there, and I'd love some help getting me there!


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10th December 2004

lost_cowboy1:50pm: So a customer came in the other day and ordered an iced eggnog latte with whipped cream.


I made it for her. I had to steam eggnog just to get the dollop of foam that goes at the bottom of the cup. When the drink was finished, the espresso wasn't even mixing with the eggnog, because it was so thick!

She came back a few minutes later and said, "Um....this tastes funny. Can I just get a regular iced latte with whipped cream??"

I have nothing against the eggnog latte.....I was just a bit irritated by this chick. Grumble.

I had another customer story to share....but I've forgotten it. ;____;

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17th November 2004

virurbis9:48am: Bend over and take it...with bubbles!
The Swirl, Chocolate Syrup, Demise of the 8 oz. cup, eggnog, Chai switch, Chai Freddo, Vanilla Freddo, Americano demise from the board, GUEST, employee stroking as a corporate mandate*, artisan baked goods promo, price increase on kids cocoa, peets on ice, peppermint, break slashing, coffee with steam milk demise from the board, promos, promos, promos.
I do have an undeniable amount of adoration and appreciation for Peets. Shit, it pays my bills, it has given me a place to center in my life, friends, an outlet for hard work and creativity. Yet...I just can't stand to see where the company has gone since I started working there a mere 2 years ago. I'm really not trying to make this into another irritating senior staff rant bitching about "the corporate juggernaut" which is destroying the idyllic neighborhood coffee house. Fuck that. For one, with the company approaching 100 stores in 6 states not to mention a burgeoning wholesale and online business, its just too late for that. Having gone public has made Peet's rich, it has also made me comfortable, but every now and again, when I find myself spewing some smarmy description about our newest slushy sucrose laden milkshake I wish that I was at a "real" coffee shop. The big deal for me is the way that Peet's treats its employees. The first red flag for me was when they came out with the *employee recognition program*. The nature of retail is that its employees need to be made happy if they are to stay working efficiently and amiably. Peet's is no exception here, they just have a longer history of doing this genuinely. I feel as though their employee appreciation has become eroded by the natural desire of any evolving and growing corporation, to streamline employment, deskill the work-force and cut costs. The fact that each store manager is advised to award employees regularly with giftcertificates, bubbles, candy, games, at any experience of good customer service OR FOR NO REASON is a little too shady for me. If I want to be nice to the public and be happy at work that is on me. I don't need a cache of Bazooka Joe and bubbles to keep me smiling. Why such a big deal? The idea behind employee stroking is to create an alliance with every employee so that he/she develops a feeling of obligation and devotion to management. Once this is achieved corporate can begin their cost-saving, employee fucking measures which, through the subterfuge of amiable and familial management are swallowed. The employee bends over and takes it. I don't mind pushing corporate bullshit products but please Peet's, don't bend me over.
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8th November 2004

elaterite12:06pm: I wasn't even trying to get anything out of him
Elliot Jordan, Peet's tea buyer and blender, has to be one of the nicest people I've met in a long time. He was at our holiday meeting last night. Based on the outstanding quality of this year's Holiday Breakfast Blend alone I was excited to meet him. I felt like he had some grand notariety or something.
That's when you know you're a total nerd - you're starstruck and fanatical about the tea guy.
Anyhow, he seemed genuinely greatful and sweet about my feedback. I feel really good about being affiliated with a company that employs nice people.
Unfortunately he seems to be somewhat of an exception in the highest rank, but I have met a lot of really great people through Peet's.
And fuzzypandahead was right about the Holiday video. Pat O'dea said "celebratory" in the most agonizingly disinterested way and seemed so pissed about being on the video or something.

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7th November 2004

elaterite6:34pm: Chai Fo Life
Hopefully this is funny to someone beside givethemropeand me.

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ashi12:12pm: Los Altos / El Camino
I tried out the new location at El Camino Real & San Antonio Road the other day. It wasn't very crowded, but hopefully the word will get out about it soon.

The service was friendly and attentive. I hope this location lasts. Good old Bay City across the street by Tower Records has been gone for years now.
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electrorican8:08am: for those of you who are assistant managers on this community.... how long did it take you to get used to the entire job? I am an external hire and I feel very very overwhelmed by all the responsibility and i was wondering if some of you can share your experiences. I was the manager of a small store in NY so all this Peets stuff is totally new.
help me ou there.
what things can i do to really get on the ball and maybe even ahead of the game?

any tips would be appreciated. also your experiences managing a new team...let me hear it peetnicks!

thanks a lot.

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4th November 2004

fuzzypandahead10:19pm: holiday enthusiasm???
i just came back from the holiday meeting...has anyone seen that video??? everyone that speaks, all the big peet's folks, are completely devoid of any kind of enthusiasm...one guy, i think it's doug welsh or eliot jordan, says "celebratory" about 10 times, but his monotone delivery doesn't make me wanna celebrate anything...:P don't get me wrong though, i have alot of respect for these people, it's just that for a video promoting holiday products, one would hope they would be slightly more....cheery?
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